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Hey There, I'm Jack

In December 2007, I awoke to find myself hurting everywhere and only being able to stare up at a blinding fluro light. Over the next few days I was to discover that had been in a car accident where 3 of my mates had died and I was widely written off as the fourth fatality.


As you can imagine, this made for one hell of a recovery journey.


My goal is to turn my negative experience into a positive one by sharing learnings so that others don't have to. Sharing my full accident and recovery story so early on in my young life, warts and all, is how I do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your talks?

All of my normal talks go for 35-40 minutes. As most of my clients are high schools, this allows for 5 minutes to get the audience in and 5-10 minutes at the end for questions, making it a perfect fit for a 50-minute lesson block.

Do you have a Department for Education clearance to work with children?

Yes and I am happy to provide (confidential) confirmation upon request.

Are you covered by the appropriate insurances for you to attend my site?

Yes and I am happy to provide certificates of cover upon request.


Can you customize your messaging?

Yes. I am happy to customize a message for your group but ask that I be given advance notice if this is the case (2 weeks for a minor customization and 4 weeks for a major customization).


Do you hold talks via teleconference (i.e. Skype, Teams, Zoom etc)?

Yes. I am very familiar with teleconferencing and am still able to connect with the audience thanks to the years as a guest speaker for regional road trauma programs.

Do you have follow up activities/exercises related to your talk?

Yes. Whilst I find that the needs for each individual group differs based on who I am presenting to, I have developed some generic resources very related to my talk.


In consultation with you, I can create a customized activity based on what you would like to achieve with your individual group. Please let me know upon contacting me that this is what you would like and I can work with you to customize something for your group.


Most of your social media posts are for schools, do you do corporate or other groups?

Yes. Most of my existing clients happen to be high schools. I have presented to corporate groups and the value they receive from my presentations resonates with their groups also. I can provide a customizable message upon consultation.


Do you work with charitable organizations?

Yes. In the past I’ve worked heavily with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Red Cross Lifeblood as they were critical to my survival. I'm also a qualified volunteer speaker for Epilepsy Action Australia.

Please reach out and see how I can partner with your organization.



Social Media Policy

I attempt to only use photos where the audience has no identifying features showing. Where identifying features of one or more audience members are visible in images, I will obtain the consent of the client organization to post.


Student Feedback Policy

Only the school is gathered when students undertake a follow up survey. While all feedback gathered is otherwise anonymous, any concerning feedback from your group will be shared with you as soon as possible.


Website Complaints Policy

If you have a comment about the function of my website(s) ( please email me at


Service Complaints Policy

If you have any complaints or issues with the services quoted, please contact me in writing at and I will endeavor to resolve your complaints quickly and in an appropriate timeframe.

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